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Singing songs is fun, but is it also useful? For learning English pronunciation, Teacher Joe thinks songs are the MOST useful way to learn. At the same time, you can learn some new words and phrases while singing songs. Teacher Joe has used songs to help him learn French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. You should do the same.

Some vocabulary used in songs is not everyday English language, so you have to be careful how you use song lyrics (lyrics = the words of a song) when you speak. Most words and sentences, though, are very useful. You don't have to sing songs aloud if you are shy, but after learning a song you should be able to follow the words without looking at the lyrics. When you can do that, you have learned something valuable that you will never forget!

Some good songs to listen to are from The Beatles, John Denver and The Carpenters. Their songs are not too fast and the lyrics are close to normal spoken English. Just for fun, you can try listening to Teacher Joe's favorite singer, B.B. King. His songs are not easy at all! If you can understand even 80% or "Why I Sing the Blues", you are a very advanced student.

If you get good at singing English songs, you can try to go to karaoke and sing with your friends. When you are able to sing a song in another language, even if you don't sing so beautifully, you will really impress other people!

"Professor" Joe

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