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When we learn a language, we sometimes form bad habits. One way to overcome our bad habits is to exaggerate - in other words, go beyond what is normal. For example, sometimes you should practice speaking English very softly, even in a whisper. Other times, you should SHOUT in English! Other times, you should try to speak very fast. And yet other times you should speak in an angry way or a happy way or a sad way.

Practicing by speaking English in such exaggerated ways has two benefits. First, you will speak with more natural English rhythm. Second, you will better remember what you say with exaggeration, because the brain remembers things that are different.

Teacher Joe uses exaggeration when he teaches. He stretches out words to show English rhythm, for example he will say "fifteeeeeeeeen" to show the difference between 15 and 50. Or he will say words such as BIG or HUGE with a loud voice but say "small", "soft", or "tiny" with a small voice. He asks his students to speak in exaggerated ways and with exaggerated feeling. You can do the same thing and have the same success as Teacher Joe's students.

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