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Successful students study a variety of materials and review often. You can do both (kill two birds with one stone!) by reading children's books. It's a fun and interesting way to review English. You can start by reading short poems or stories, then keep on reading until you can easily understand school textbooks and longer books such as Harry Potter.

One difficulty with kids' books is that you might see some strange vocabulary. Stories and poems often use childish vocabulary that you won't see anywhere else. And you might see words related to magic and fantasy, but you don't need to use them, so don't worry about them. The only words you should worry about are words that come up often, but you will be able to understand them easily after you read them three or four times, just by seeing how they are used in the story.

Paying attention to basic sentence structure by reading and seeing how words are used in various situations is much more important than learning new words when you are reviewing. The key to success is to enjoy what you are reading so that you will do more and more. Remember what Teacher Joe tells his students so often: "Have Fun!!!"

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