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If you can see it, you can do it!

Visualization is a powerful technique that has been used by professional athletes, the great scientist Albert Einstein, and even Teacher Joe when he learned to play tennis. All you have to do is spend a few minutes every day imagining yourself speaking fluent English, and it will happen in real life!

Make a clear, detailed picture in your mind. See yourself in the future: You can speak English easily. You have the chance to speak to many different people, from many different countries, in many different jobs. You always find the right word at the right time. Your pronunciation is clear and understood by everybody. You feel relaxed, breathing easily. It is easy to understand anybody, no matter how fast they speak. If any new words come up, you quickly ask about the meaning, keeping the conversation going as long as you want. Speaking English is so enjoyable! You can talk, laugh, make many new friends. It feels good!

When you can see this fluency in your "mind's eye", you use your whole brain, not just the logical left brain. If you do this every day, then when any problems in English arise, your brain will find a way to get to the fluent conversation you have visualized.

This is what athletes do when they visualize. They see themselves running faster or jumping higher, and this leads their bodies in that direction. When they have a problem, they still see the final goal and keep moving towards it. Your visualization will also lead to your goal - better pronunciation, saying sentences faster and smoother, and having greater confidence when speaking.

Try visualizing yourself as a fluent English speaker for ten minutes every morning before breakfast and ten minutes every night before going to bed. After three or four weeks, you will be amazed!

"Professor" Joe

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