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Looking at a textbook, at home or in a library, quietly by yourself, you can study many things. However, you may not learn very much! Why not? Because when you study alone, you always know what is coming next. You can easily find the answer to any of your own questions. To become a fluent English speaker, you need a challenge! You need to practice with a friend. (As we say in English, "Two heads are better than one".)

Teacher Joe has created a very easy and effective way for you to practice with a friend: "Teacher Joe's Quiz Game Challenge"! First, you and your friend must make a list of five questions on any topic, but do not show the questions to your partner. Using a watch, ask your five questions to your partner and see how much time it takes to answer all five. Then your partner can ask you five questions, again, with a watch. The person who can answer five questions fastest is the winner of that round. Repeat this process a second time to see if you can answer even more fluently. With difficult questions, a third round is sometimes useful.

Here's an example for your first quiz game:

1.Is there a clock on the wall?
2.Are there two or more windows in this room?
3. Does this room have a carpet?
4. Can you see any pictures on the wall?
5. Are there more than two people in the room?
It is important to begin with easy questions because then you and your partner can see each other's true English level. Also, you can practice keeping time and get used to the game more quickly this way. When this becomes too easy, you can make it more challenging by answering questions with a full sentence. Instead of answering with a simple "yes" or "no", you can say "Yes, there is a clock on the wall" or "No, this room doesn't have a clock".

In future quizzes, you can use all kinds of questions, including questions with "which", "how long", "what would you do if", etc. These questions can be based on any reading text. You can choose a text that both you and your partner have read. Or you can really challenge each other by bringing in two different texts. If you bring in two different texts, you can write your questions in advance, then you and your partner can prepare to answer by reading each other's texts for only one or two minutes.

Another way to make it more interesting is to add or subtract points for unclear pronunciation or confusing sentences. This will help to ensure good communication, which is absolutely essential for fluency. Good luck with this game and have fun!

"Professor" Joe

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