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Teacher Joe does believe that using good grammar is important. However, STUDYING grammar rarely leads to good results! Most students who study lots of grammar don't remember long enough to use that grammar when they need it. Instead of studying grammar rules that are easy to forget, it is much better to focus on sentence patterns that you can use often when speaking English.

The human brain is not very good at remembering rules and applying those rules quickly when we have to speak. Our brain's greatest strength is as a "pattern recognition" machine, which no electronic computer can match! Teacher Joe's students learn to use this power when they study English sentence patterns. You can do it too!

You can study sentence patterns by using most grammar textbooks. The important thing is to ONLY study sentences that illustrate a grammar point - do NOT study the rules! Teacher Joe's students have found that they often only have to learn one example sentence in order to master one grammar point. When you do this, you are using the pattern-recognition power of your brain very effectively.

Another advantage to studying sentence patterns is that it saves time. Because you are only studying key sentences, you can study four or five different grammar books very quickly. So, don't waste any more time on grammar!

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