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Be a Good Googler

Teacher Joe always tells his students that they must learn English "in context". It is best to learn from stories, books, movies, newspapers, TV, radio or magazines. Many students wonder what to do if these things, made for native English speakers, are too difficult. Here is an idea for learning vocabulary in context that can help you prepare for books, movies, etc.

Try using Teacher Joe's good friend, Google, to build your vocabulary! Any time you find a word or expression you don't understand very well, go to www.google.com and search for it. You can then look at all of the results and read the sentences that contain your word or expression. If something seems interesting to you, you can click on that item and read more.

If you go to a page to read more, it may seem very difficult. Remember that you just want to learn one word or expression, not the whole page. Focus on the sentences that contains the word at first. If you have more time, you can read the headlines (in bold letters), the words under photographs, or maybe even the first paragraph on the page. That is often enough to understand the main idea of the page, which will help you understand the word and how it is uses.

When you find a sentence that seems useful to you, add it to a list of sentences. (You do remember Teacher Joe's Tip on making sentence lists, don't you?) This way, you can study wherever you go.

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