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Go Back to Your Future!

Maybe you have studied English for a long time. Are you still making progress? If you want to start moving forward again, maybe you should start by going backwards! What does it mean to go BACK to your FUTURE? It means you need to REVIEW!

Go get all of your old textbooks and notebooks and start studying again from the beginning, but do it quickly. You could also get some simple textbooks that you've never seen before and read those quickly too. If you haven't tried Teacher Joe's Jokes or Joe's Words of Wisdom, now is a good time!

Reviewing can help you move forward because it helps to strengthen your "base" in English. You can now understand much more than you did the first time you studied, so you can see the deeper meaning behind the words. Now you can notice how words are used and how they are combined with other words. All of these little details will help you understand more difficult English in the future. But if you DO NOT review, your future will definitely be more difficult.

Reviewing is easy and enjoyable, so you can do it even when you are tired. Spend two weeks just for review, once or twice a year and you will see a much brighter future!

"Professor" Joe

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