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If you want to learn as much vocabulary as a native English speaker, there is only one way to do it. You have to RAMAP! Read As Much As Possible!

Three reasons why you must RAMAP

1. RAMAP is the best way to learn new vocabulary and expressions.

Teacher Joe's very best students read often. They learn words naturally and they remember the words easily! Equally important, they learn how to use those words at the right time.

2. RAMAP will help you speak fluently.

When students read every day, they learn slowly at first, but then they learn faster and faster. Reading supports their other studying by focusing the brain on English. Students who read often actually learn to THINK in English!
3. RAMAP is a great way to review a language.
When Teacher Joe returned to New York after studying in France, he had no way to practice French, so he read French books and magazines every day. He has always remembered what he learned, even many years later. Many of Teacher Joe's students have had the same success in using RAMAP to remember English even after their classes are finished.
Who should RAMAP?
Anyone! Reading is important for all levels. Teacher Joe started reading French even when he was a beginner and it helped him so much.
How can we read enough in English?
You have to learn to Read Faster! Try Teacher Joe's Timed Readings to see how fast you can read and to practice reading faster.
RAMAP is not always easy, but it's worth the effort. And the more you read, the easier it will become, so start today!

"Professor" Joe

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