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Tips for the IELTS Speaking Section

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  • Before going into the room, take three DEEP breaths!

  • Do not worry about mistakes - everybody makes them! Instead, think about communicating well.

  • Do not worry about your accent. Just speak clearly.

  • Avoid slang or very informal language. We only use such language with our close friends.

  • Say NAMES slowly. If you say a name in your own language, you MUST explain it!

  • Do NOT use difficult words or expressions unless you are 100% sure you know how to use them right. If you use words at the wrong time, your score will be lower!

  • Make good, clear sentences to express your meaning.

  • Do not speak either too fast nor too slow.

  • You cannot ask questions on Part 1 or Part 2, but you SHOULD ask questions on Part 3 if you do not understand.

  • Do not change the topic. The examiner will think you cannot speak enough on that topic and will give you a lower score.

  • If you don't know much about a topic, talk about something related to that topic, then explain the connection.

  • Do not memorize answers to prepare for the test. The examiner will hear that you are not speaking naturally and will change the topic.

  • Practice speaking with a watch. You should use about 4 minutes for each part of the Speaking Test.

  • Practice speaking with a friend. Your friend can surprise you with all kinds of questions.

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