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IELTS Part 2 Sample Answer:
"Talk about your favorite film"

Student's Answer:

"Okay, I would like to start my topic. My favorite film is Cinderella and, uh, ... and uh, during my, uh, English laich I started doing (30 seconds) and uh, which is carried by my English teacher from America. At first, at first, pictures is very attractive and then I'm very moved by the characters Cinderella and his spirit, (1 minute) uh ... and ... a little bit nervous ... uh... and uh .... and the most, and the most, and the most, (90 seconds) gool I like is during the uh, uh, ..."

Teacher Joe's Comments:

While preparing for one minute the student only took a few notes, so forgot what to talk about. After I typed this, I read all the sentences slowly. It took me only 30 seconds. So, this student wasted 90 seconds. That is not a good way to show your English ability!

With notes, the student might have remembered to talk about "Who" - Cinderella's sisters and her mean mother. The student could have talked about "What" - the jobs Cinderella had to do and the party she wanted to go to. The student could have talked about "How" - the magical way she was able to go. The student could have talked more about "Why" - the student was moved by "his" spirit. (oops!) Why not say, "I was moved by the way Cinderella continued to hope even though she had to do so much hard work at home and had no body to help her". That's a good way to show your English level.

It's unnecessary to start the speech with, "I would like to...". Anyone can memorize such a sentence, so it shows little real ability to speak English. I think the word "laich" was supposed to be "literature". A better sentence would be, "During my English literature class when I was in the second year of university, my English teacher showed us a wonderful story that really impressed me". Good sentence, isn't it?

Instead of "at first, pictures is very attractive", the student could say, "The first think I noticed is that the pictures are very colorful and attractive". I don't know what "gool" is at the end, but the student already had missed an opportunity before that. This student must communicate more specific information using complete sentences.

It's hard to give a score without the scorer's guide, and especially with such a small sample of language. The student had an opportunity but failed. I would have to guess that if the student can't do better on part 3, the score will probably be 4.

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