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Teacher Joe is a former IELTS Examiner who has helped thousands of students prepare successfully. Read these pages carefully, practice hard, and you will succeed too!
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Tips for IELTS Reading,
Writing and Listening

  • The key to the IELTS Reading Test is using your time well. You MUST practice with a watch! Time yourself. Find how many Words Per Minute you read. Do a full practice reading test and see how much time you really need. When you can read fast enough to do the whole test well, your score will shoot up!

  • The key to the IELTS Listening Test is CONCENTRATION! Be sure to do many FULL practice tests, so you will be ready to concentrate when the real test comes. Also, do all of Teacher Joe's listening exercises so your ear will be used to hearing natural-speed English.

  • The key to the IELTS Writing Test is to write good, clear sentences. In addition, you must connect your sentences well, communicate clearly, and be sure you fullfil the writing task. Click here to practice writing sentences and paragraphs.

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