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English Conversation 2: Two students, Fei and Jerry, talk about a popular hobby

Jerry: Hi Fei, how's the new job going?

Fei: It's very exciting and I'm really learning a lot. At the same time, it's also quite tiring. I need a break today.

Jerry: How about if we go to lunch together?

Fei: No, I want to do something more active. I have an idea. Why don't we go to the park and fly a kite!

Jerry: Are you kidding?

Fei: No, I'm serious. Flying kites is an ancient tradition here. Look, I have this kite my uncle gave me.

Jerry: Hey, it's a butterfly. It must look really cool flying high in the sky!

Fei: So, are you up for it?

Jerry: Okay... But where can we fly a kite in such a big city?

Fei: We can go just down the street, at the Workers Stadium.

Jerry: You can fly kites in the stadium?

Fei: Well, not exactly. But we can fly them in the parking lot. Let's go!

Jerry: Okay, I'm right behind you!

(Twenty minutes later, they arrive at the north gate of the Workers Stadium.)

Jerry: Wow! So many kites!

Fei: Watch your step! Don't get run over by the rollerskaters.

Jerry: I have to watch out for those football players too! I didn't know this is such a popular place.

Fei: I used to come here as a kid to play, and at night my mother and grandmother sometimes came to dance.

Jerry: All of these kites are really beautiful. Look at that long one over there. It looks like a dragon to me.

Fei: That's right, it is. The dragon is really impressive, but I prefer the bird kite over there. Don't you think it's amazingly graceful?

Jerry: Yes, it looks like a real bird flying! It obviously takes real skill to fly these special kites. I'm eager to see your butterfly up among the clouds.

Fei: Okay, hold onto the kite while I get the string ready. On the count of three, let go. One... Two... Three... Here we go!!!

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