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Do you really like to eat cheese?

Question: Hello Teacher Joe. I want to ask you about a difference between China and the West. Why do Westerners eat so much cheese? I think the taste of cheese is too strong. It seems awful to me. How can so many people stand to eat it everyday? Why don't people get sick when they eat that foul-smelling cheese? I hope you can explain this big mystery to me, Teacher. From XYZ in China.

Answer: Hi XYZ. Many Westerners have the same reaction to "stinky tofu" that you have to cheese. "How can people eat that stuff?", we often ask ourselves. Actually, though, the taste is not really that bad, once you get used to it. If you try eating cheese from time to time, and keep an open mind, you might find that you will start to like eating cheese some time in the future. Who knows?

Actually, there are many, many kinds of cheese, some quite strong, others quite mild. I like to eat very strong "cheddar" cheese (I also don't mind stinky tofu!) but you can choose from so many different kinds. You should try Swiss cheese or some other mild cheese to taste the difference. Many people only eat very mild cheese, and I think most English speakers I know do NOT eat cheese every day.

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